Best Golf Bags for Walkers – 2021

Best Golf Bags for Walkers

Are you looking for the best golf bags for walkers 2021?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Because we will help you to select the best golf bags for walkers.

In the market different brands, models and types of golf bags are available but find out the best golf bag for walkers is really difficult. For this reason, we conducted comprehensive research on the best golf bag for walkers.

Do not be panic!!!

We will solve your problem right now. Because our research and review team provide you the best golf bags for walkers. We’re bringing you the list of 10 best golf bags which is 100% walk-friendly.

We have researched and reviews some of the amazing golf bags. We’ve done all the hard work so that you can choose your Golf Bag easily. 


Why golfer want the best lightweight golf bag for walking?

Most of the golfer who stays longer periods of time in the course and they need to walk in the course. For this reason, they always want walk-friendly golf bags. Because they feel if the golf bag is not walk-friendly and secure enough then their game concentration shift to the problem of the bags in the course. That’s why golfer always wants the best lightweight golf bags for walking and also want maximum security.

Modern travel-friendly golf bags use lightweight materials and have more space for easy movement and smooth operating. A walk-friendly golf bag has enough space for golf clubs, golf balls, gloves, rain gear, umbrella, tape, coins, food, drinks, valuables, and many more.

If your golf bag has not to walk-friendly and made with lightweight material then it is the time to upgrade to the new age golf bags. We have done a comprehensive research and found out a list of 10 best golf bags for walkers that simplify your job in the ground and reduce unnecessary headaches.

Best Types of Golf Bags

sun mountain c-130 golf cart bag
Sun Mountain c-130 golf Cart Bag

Normally, Golfer selects two types of Golf bags from what is available in the Market. The first type of bag is the carry bag which gives you two shoulder straps to use and is perfect for walking golf players.

The second type of bag is the car bag. These are also similar types of golf bags that tour pros use on the PGA tour. But depending on your requirements, one of these kinds of bags will be the best golf bags for walkers.

You see both professional golfers and amateur golfers carrying the golf bag in the golf course. Because this golf bag protects expensive golf clubs, golf accessories and personal items of a golfer. For this reason, you need the best technology used Golf bags that help you to organize the golfing equipment.

Our complete and detailed reviews of 10 Best Golf Bags for Walkers will simply narrow down your choice to make your selection process easier, faster and more hassle-free.

Are You In An Extreme Urgency?

Our Test Winner – Best Golf Bag For Walkers

Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag C-130: 2019

Best overall: lightweight and highly affordable golf bag

Our Test Winner - Best Golf Bag For Walkers
Our Test Winner – Best Golf Bag For Walkers

Check the letest price on Amazon

Why is it Better?

  • This Sun Mountain golf cart bags are super portable due to its lightweight and minimal design.
  • Although being minimal, it is padded confirming that your clubs are fully protected.
  • Smart Strap System attaches with the bag to a riding cart
  • sun mountain golf bags c-130 has ten pockets to organize your golf accessories.

Buying Guide of Best Golf Bag for Walkers

A golf bag is one of the important accessories for a golfer. In the market different kinds of golf bags available. But find out the best golf bags for golfing purposes is not easy. If you want to get the best golf bag for walking and travel then following five criteria you need to consider when you make buying decisions.

Buying Guide to find the best Golf Bag

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Criteria one – Appearance of the golf bag

It may appear silly that appearance or look is an important factor for a golf bag buying decision, however, most skilled golfers can tell you that instrument quality is the key factor for the golf bag. A bag that appears sleek with sharp colors will give the participant a lift within the conviction that these days are going to be their best day on the course.

And as vain as this might appear, no golfer desires to point out up for a spherical with business associates or friends with a bag that has mismatched colors or an unpleasant exterior. Most makers notice this truth and have designed their latest golf bag with a nod toward building a bag focused around perform while not sacrificing vogue.

Criteria two – Weight of the golf bag

The weight of a golf bag is usually unnoticed in detail for amateur golfers. The very last thing an amateur golfer has to do is use the biggest bag accessible as a result of its 100 pockets or another inessential feature that solely adds weight and makes for a full day at the course.

This advice is especially ideal for golfers who like to travel more and walk the course. Most stand bags try to retain the weight of the bag as light as possible, so the golfer doesn’t break down from tiredness on the back nine.

IIf you are looking for a golf cart bag, then the weight is far less of attention, but for those looking for a good golf stand bag, then understand however the heft affects the functionality of the golf bag. When deliberating on what golf bag to buy, always remember at the weight as a major part of how the golf bag will perform for you.

Criteria three – Storage inside the golf bag

Just like Goldilocks, you are eyeing for just the correct amount of storage in a golf bag. Some manufacturer believes that making a golf bag with many different type pockets and promoting extreme storage capacity as a high selling point is the way to go but that just isn’t the case.

But the truth is more pockets naturally converts into a weightier bag for you to carry on the golf course. So when you do research for a golf bag, pay attention to how many pockets a golf bag has and then make your decision How many pockets you need in the golf course.

For example, ask yourself are your golf course in a rainy area? Then you must find a golf bag with storage capacity for rain gear to keep you dry in rain time. Most new golf bags have spaces for your cellphone, wallet, and jewelry, etc. Find out the bags with velour-lined pockets that are 100% waterproof if this protection is essential to your trip to the golf club.

Criteria four – Protection of the golf bag

Protecting your golf clubs and your valuables items are extremely important in a golf bag.

For the golf clubs, golf bags will have different dividers in the top opening to position your golf clubs and make them easier to pull out when you need them for a coming shot. Now, those dividers can run the length of the golf bag, making them “full-length” dividers. Some golf bags even have separate full-length dividers, giving golf clubs their own protective shell.

If you’ll go back to the upper of the golf bag, you can easily notice how the opening is lined. Is it padded or bare? And understand that the lower section of the shaft of the golf club will rub against this area during travel and walk the golf course. Companies have gone to good lengths to confirm the golf clubs are safe with padded linings that offer a buffer that keeps your golf clubs are protected and safe.

Same things go for your valuables items. All existing golf bags will have several special pockets for valuables item that keeps mobile, wallet, watch from being injured, but not all of them will be 100% waterproof. If keeping your valuables item dry is essential, particularly if you live in a rainy area, then search the valuable pockets that are waterproofing.

Criteria five – Durability of the golf bag

If you are able to expend hundreds of dollars on a golf bag, the one thing you want to do is fall apart after a couple of years. Whether you pick a stand bag or cart golf bag, you must do your due diligence in choosing a golf bag that will withstand the rigors of a trip to the golf course.

If you pick a stand bag, areas need to focus on include the durability of the stand or legs that hold up the golf bag. Ask the manufacturer what are the materials used to build these legs. Are they make with carbon fiber or aluminum? Carbon fiber is extremely light and shatterproof in maximum cases.

Same goes for the golf cart bag, however rather than the stand or legs, specialize in the cushiony gap of the golf bag. For that reason, this can be the world which will sign injury 1st, because of the rubbing of clubs against that artifact throughout travel.

These are five major are in selecting the best golf bags for walkers. When you research or buy any golf bag you must remember that five criteria that help you to get the best golf bag for walkers.

Our Top 5 Golf Bags for Best Walking

Rank Name Rating Buy Now
01 Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Bag 97% sun mountain 2019 c130 cart bagCheck on Amazon
02 TaylorMade Flextech Crossover StandBag – Prior Generation 95% Check on Amazon
03 Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag 93% Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag Check on Amazon
04 Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag 92% Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart BagCheck on Amazon
05 Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag 91% Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf BagCheck on Amazon

Our guide and reviews are 100% valid and reliable. Based on this review you can easily make your purchase decision. Let’s go and find your golf bag.

Reviews of 10 Best Golf Bags for Walkers

Below is a countdown of some of the best performance golf bags that every golfer would want to have.

1.  Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

Best Golf Bags for walkers is Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Cart Bag
  • Brand Name: Sun Mountain
  • Color & Design:  12

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Smart Features:

  • Its newly redesigned Sun Mountain c-130 cart bag for golfers
  • Also, have water-resistant valuables pocket
  • Smart strap system attaches the bag
  • 14 individual full-length dividers available

Style and security point of view the sun mountain golf bags c-130 is one of the best choices in the mid-level price range buyers. Buyers get a different color of this model like, black, camo, navy, black-woodland-camo, cactus-black-inferno, chili-gunmetal, cobalt-black, gunmetal-black-red, iron-cement, iron-gunmetal-gray-lime, navy-white-red, and navy-gray

There is something in there for everyone and that is the main selling point of the bag. This bag has fourteen individual club dividers which give you plenty of room to organize your best golf clubs. Up to ten pockets are enough for any golfer to organize the golf clubs, with plenty of room for accessories and extras. This is our best golf bags for walkers from Sun Mountain, and it’s an ideal pick if you need a lot of inner space.

Who’s It For?

Golfers need as much space as possible and want stylish design choices. This golf bag can use all levels of golfers without having any problems.


  • this sun mountain golf cart bag has twelve stylish color combinations to choose from.
  • Also matching rain hood included in the bag.
  • Ten Pockets are available in this golf bag.
  • The bag has 14 Full-Length Dividers.
  • New Smart Strap System is available in the bag.
  • Water-resistant valuables pocket available in this golf cart bag.

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If you want to know more detail about Our Test Winner (Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Bag). You just click here.

2.    TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

taylormade flextech crossover stand bag 2019
  • Brand Name: Taylor Made
  • Color & Design:  3

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Smart Features:

  • Rally easy to accessible insulated water bottle pocket
  • It keeps valuables protected from weather and scratching
  • convert from cart to carry with speed, comfort, and stability
  • It has a quick release and dual-density strap system.

Taylormade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag mush has to be durable inside as well as outside, so that is one of the main draws of the Flextech Crossover. This also mid-level price range golf bag may take a lot of penalty on the golf course if you are a daily golf player. This bag available in three colors are black, red, and gray and a very eye-catching design that attacks the buyers. It also has an insulated water bottle pocket is at all times within your range while the dual-density strap makes it really comfortable to carry a heavy load. This is a fantastic golf stand bag that will stay a long period of time in the right environment.

Who’s It For?

Beginners will get extra mileage with this golf bag compare to any other user. This bag was made with their needs in mind so it is a nice beginner’s golf bag. But  Intermediate and professional users are less likely to get the most out of this bag since it is lacking a lot of high-end important features for their golf play styles.


  • Taylormade flextech stand bag is highly durable bag and stands
  • Also, have a dual-density strap has a nice feel.
  • In the golf bag have large water bottle pocket is insulated
  • These bags included rain hood is the same thick quality.


  • This TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag is not ideal if you’re not a beginning golfer.

Check on Amazon

If you want to know more detail about Our 2nd Test Winner (TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag). You just click here.

3.    Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag

Best travel Golf Bags for walking -Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart bag
  • Brand Name: Callaway
  • Color & Design:  6

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Smart Features:

  • In the Callaway org 14 cart bag, two things insulated beverage pockets with drain ports.
  • 14 Way Top with Individual Full-length dividers, easily separates the putter with TPE insert for shaft protection.
  • Also, have a Dual pen holder and Front Facing Molded Magnetic Range Finder Pocket.

The Callaway golf org 14 cart bag is similar in comparison to price to the Sun Mountain C-130, so that lands it in the mid-level price range. Its key features of the bag are dual magnetic valuables pockets. They are both easily accessible so that handlers don’t face any struggle to find their valuables.

Sorting out your best clubs is not a problem if you tend to carry around a lot. And for buyers that need it, in this bag have dual pen holders. The Org 14 cart is an exciting mix of features that comes together to make a great bag.

Who’s It For?

All levels of Golfers will find a lot of key advantages when owning this Callaway org 14 cart bag. It has plenty of space available for both small and large items. The bag’s multiple magnetic pockets also help users that carry a lot of valuables on the course. This is one of the best golf bags for walkers which like all levels golfer.


  • Callaway org 14 cart bags weigh only 5.8 pounds which are really low.
  • The bags dividers go all the way down for a better fit.
  • Other great additions are dual pen holder and dual magnetic pockets.
  • It has new construction lines for larger pocket volume
  • In this new Carabineer style towel hook with Glove attachment


  • Cooler of the Callaway org 14 cart bag is only average in size.

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If you want to know more detail about the Our 3rd Test Winner (Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bags Review) You just click here.

4.   Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag
  • Brand Name: Bag Boy
  • Color & Design:  6

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Smart Features:

  • 420 Denier Nylon available in the bag boy chiller cart bag.
  • It has the 15-Way top with full-length individual dividers
  • Also, have 9 total pockets  to provide plenty of storage
  • The bag has two large side accessory pockets,
  • An oversized ball pocket and a fleece-lined valuables pocket available in the bag.
  • Always open durable outer edge keeps the bag open for easy access.
  • Removable cooler bag holds six 12-ounce cans

This Bag Boy model also comes at a low price range. It has six different color and design are black/charcoal/royal, black/charcoal, black/charcoal/lime, black/charcoal/red and navy/charcoal/orange.

But the best feature of this model is its large insulated cooler bag. It can hold up to six 12 ounce cans, which is enough for a day of golfing. It has a total of nine pockets that’s are available to keep valuables and golf accessories. And the fifteen way top, this is a remarkably large bag that takes advantage of every nook and cranny. The Bag Boy Golf Chiller is an easy top fourth pick on the list.

Who’s It For?

The golfer who needs a lot of storage space for their golf clubs and drinks. It has extra space for clubs and accessories, which is really helpful for all levels of play. Golf Professionals can get used out of it if they need to load up for a casual round.


  • Best built-in cooler available in the bag.
  • Compare to the high storage feature price.
  • The handles are very soft and fit to your hand perfectly
  • It has 420 Denier Nylon
  • The bag has a total of 9 pockets which provide plenty of storage space.
  • The removable insulated cooler bag can hold six 12-ounce cans which are perfect for a golfer in a day.


  • The bag boy chiller cart bag has average quality zippers for all of the applicable pockets.

Check on Amazon

If you want to know more detail about Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag. You just Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag Review – 2021.

5. Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag

Best golf Bags for walking and traveling is Sun Mountain Stand bag Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way
  • Brand Name: Sun Mountain 
  • Color & Design:  2

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Smart Features:

  • 4.5 Lbs. 4-way Top Dividers available.
  • In the bag able to put 14-way Top Dividers
  • Straps are constructed in three layers which ensure more comfort.

This mid-level price range Sun Mountain golf bag is one of the best picks for beginners. It is a stand bag which is available in two (2) different color in black, and navy/white/red. The bag has a good amount of golf club space when using the four-way top divider. This is the best golf bags for walkers.

Comfort features also include the three (3) layer straps that are also contoured. Normally golfers hate to carry uncomfortable bags they will love the straps on this Sun Mountain model.

Who’s It For?

Beginners and also intermediate players that don’t have enough clubs which match with requirement and best golf bag for their travel. They may like this sun mountain stand bag because they will get plenty of usage out of this Sun Mountain Stand bag. Seniors and professionals with a ton of different club combos will find it lacking for their demands and storage space.


  • The weighs 6.4 pounds
  • Also, have 4.5 Lbs. 4-way Top Dividers
  • The sun mountain golf bag has 14-way Top Dividers
  • The straps systems are constructed in three layers and contoured for supreme comfort
  • It also fits large putter grips
  • Addition feature is Integrated umbrella holder
  • This is a great choice for the golfer looking for a ‘hybrid’ bag
  • price really affordable for beginner and intermediate players


  • The sun mountain bag has some balancing issues when it is in stand mode.

Check on Amazon

6. Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Stand Bag

Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Stand Bag
  • Brand Name: Cobra
  • Color & Design:  7

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Smart Features:

  • The cobra king stand bag insulated beverage pocket and Waterproof seam-sealed zippered cooler pocket
  • It is really easy to release shoulder straps
  • Easy and flex base for supreme ground contact.
  • The Fleece-lined valuables pocket

The Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Stand Bag is available only in unique black color which is one of the best golf bags for walkers. It also low price range model for buyers on the list with really intuitive features. It is also a very lucrative design in the market. This is the oversized apparel pocket with a key clip. With few careful packing, you can fit many clothes into its huge space. The valuables pocket also gets equal treatment and carries as like as a normal bag. Cobra describes its base as ‘easy flex’. This is one golf stand bag that will hold its shape even after years of rough use. This bag is the best golf bag for the money you spend.

Who’s It For?

The golfer who wants a lot of space in the bag and needs to walk more this is the best travel golf bag for them. It has enough core features to make this attractive to all levels, even professionals will get a lot of mileage out of this cobra king stand bag. If you have a lot of clubs and accessories, then this is the bag to you must buy.


  • Fourteen-way top with full-length club dividers available in the bag.
  • Bag holds its shape after years of rough use.
  • It insulated beverage pocket.
  • It has a hip pad with built-in cool flow foam.
  • Also, It has the 14-way top with designated full-length club dividers.
  • Featured as waterproof seam-sealed zippered pockets.
  • Quick-release shoulder straps & easy flex base for maximum ground contact.


  • Only single color options available in this cobra stand bag

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7. Callaway Golf 2019 Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Hyper Lite Zero Stand Bag
  • Brand Name: Callaway
  • Color & Design:  8

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Smart Features:

  • Extreme lightweight and super durable nylon fabric used in the bag.
  • Also used carbon fiber legs in a stand of the Callaway Stand Bag.
  • YKK zippered valuables pocket included the Callaway Golf Stand Bag.

The Callaway Golf Stand Bag is a mid-level price range stand bag from the Callaway Company. It comes with 4 different colors; black/titanium/white, camo, titanium/neon yellow/white and titanium/pink/white. The carbon fiber legs keep the bag standing properly even when it is filled to the edge with accessories and golf clubs. In smartphones will fit comfortably all types of smartphone. This is the lightest stand bag in Callaway’s golf bag lineup. Golfers can put this as one of the top three bags on their list if they want the very best. This bag is the best lightweight golf bags in the market from this company.

Who’s It For?

This is the best golf bag for walking due to its lightweight feature. Any golfer that wants one of the lightest stand bags on the market without losing any key features. It’s a really amazing golf bag when you consider its large space is available for your clubs and accessories. This is an ideal bag for seniors golfer who likes to travel and walk.


  • It is available as a single or double strap model
  • Total 2.5 pounds weight which is Lightweight and extremely durable nylon fabric.
  • The valuables pocket comes with a YKK zipper
  • This Callaway Golf Stand Bags to have alternative color options for female golfers
  • Carbon fiber legs
  • YKK zippered valuables pocket also include as features
  • Individual cell phone sleeve available in this bag


  • The Callaway Stand Bag has not enough pocket like others.

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8. Bag Boy Golf 2017 Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

Bag Boy Chiller Stand Bag
  • Brand Name: Bag Boy 
  • Color & Design:  6

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Smart Features:

  • 420Denier Nylon used in the golf bag
  • Also, have a 14-Way top with full-length individual dividers in the bag
  • Bag Boy Stand Bag has a total of 8 pockets.
  • The soft-grip oversized putter good for oversized grip

This bag is one of the best stand bags of this brand. It also comes with low prices like the cart bag but there are few observable differences in design and function. There is only a fourteen-way top, and have the feature of full-length dividers. Also insulated cooler is built into this mode, but it is slightly smaller, and can only fit four-ounce cans. On the positive side is this golf bag comes with six different colors with models like; black/charcoal/royal, black/charcoal, black/charcoal/lime, black/charcoal/red, black/charcoal/yellow, charcoal/slate/orange, navy/charcoal/orange and royal/charcoal/silver. Despite the small downgrade in a few areas, the Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag is still one of the best golf bags for walkers.

Who’s It For?

Golfers that want a golf stand bag with an advanced cooler built in the system this will be a perfect pick for them. It can use beginners and immediate golfers. It also for fans of the Chiller Cart Bag lovers. As a third option, buyers who want smaller types of golf cart bag models should consider this their best option for them.


  • A nice cooler design that holds a few amounts of cans
  • Soft single shoulder strap with strap holder available for users.
  • Durable 420 Denier nylon available here.
  • This Bag Boy Chiller Stand Bag’s price is much lower as a stand bag.
  • Total 9 pockets available in the bag.
  • Another feature is 14-Way top with full-length Individual dividers
  • The bag has a removable insulated cooler bag holds four 12-ounce cans.


  • This Bag Boy Chiller Stand Bag model is a little bit of a downgrade from the Bag model

Check on Amazon

9.  Titleist Golf- Players 4 Stand Bag

titleist players 4 stand bag
  • Brand Name: Titleist
  • Color & Design:  9

Check on Amazon

Smart Features:

  • Total 8 zippered pockets available.
  • It has self-balancing, convertible strap system
  • The bag has a Towel ring.

The Titleist Players 4 stand bag is a mid-priced model that offers convenience and function. There are eight zippered pockets with plenty of room in each. The dual strap is strong enough to carry heavyweight but designed to put less stress on your shoulders. During long games, you’ll have no issues carrying this light bag from one end of the course to another. As the name suggests, the fourteen-way divided holds a lot of clubs while keeping them protected. There is a reason this model is popular, and this year’s iteration is even better.

Who’s It For?

All levels golfer like to use this travel-friendly golf bag. Professionals will love the high quality of the materials while beginners and intermediate players will enjoy the convenience features (towel ring/dual strap). Even small touches like the zippers on the pockets show great attention to detail.


  • Titleist Players 4 stand bag has a total of eight pockets with many spaces
  • Towel ring and rain hood included a feature of the bag
  • Also, have comfortable straps that may not cut into your shoulders while carrying
  • In the Titleist Players, 4 stand bag has High-grade aluminum legs as a stand and advanced hinged bottom for best stability and durability
  • Dual-density foam used to ensure long-lasting comfort.
  • Also have dedicated water bottle, range finder pockets, and a full-length apparel pocket.


  • Manufacturer of last versions doesn’t have enough of a cause to upgrade their bags.

Check on Amazon

10. OGIO 2018 Cirrus Cart Bag

ogio cirrus cart bag
  • Brand Name: OGIO
  • Color & Design:  2

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Smart Features:

  • The special feature is weather-resistant fleece-lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve.
  • Ogio cirrus cart bag has a total of 9 zippered pockets
  • Lightweight fabrics-4.8 lbs used

This is another low-cost cart bag on the list from Ogio, but this time from Ogio. In this model have 2 different colors and models for buyers these colors are Red and Blue/red. It isn’t flashy, yet looks really nice when related to higher-end bags. In the top have a fifteen-way divider with front dual putter pits. And also the valuables pocket is fleece lined and also has weather-resistant for safety. With a low price, this cart bag has some very good high-end features.

Who’s It For?

This Ogio cirrus cart bag is for beginners and intermediates. It features, is perfect to fulfill the appeals of professionals. Normally, the professionals that want a casual bag without pulling out the big guns.


  • Total of nine zippered pockets available
  • In this Ogio cart bag have cell phone sleeve can handle large phones
  • Colors and Designs are represented upper-level quality
  • Integrated handles with 14-Way diamond Ultra-Lite performance cart top.
  • Weather-resistant fleece lined with valuables pocket


  • The Ogio cart bag material could be slightly better which helpful for longer use.

Check on Amazon

These are our ten best travel-friendly golf bags. You can choose any of the golf bags according to your requirement and liking.

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