Best Golf Shoes For Walking – 2020

Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Are you looking for the best golf shoes for walking in the course?

Nowadays golf shoes deliver huge comfort, special traction as well as a host of features that keep feet dry and well-ventilated. and also golfers want comfort in when they walk in the golf course. For that reason, most of the golfers want the best golf shoes for walking and running comfortably.


How do you choose the best golf shoes to walk in the golf course?

Do not worry!!!

We know different types of golf shoes available in the market and choosing the best one is really difficult for an individual golfer.

But We will solve your problem right now. Because our research and review team provide you the honest golf shoe buying guide which makes your purchase decisions much easier. They also find out the best walking golf shoes for you.

We’re bringing you the list of 10 best golf men’s shoes for walking which currently available in the market!

We are reviews some of the amazing golf shoes for men out there you can easily choose from.

In this shoe review, you will get key features of all golf shoes, the actual Pro’s and Con’s, major specifications of the golf shoe. We have done all the hard work so that you can choose your golf shoes easily.

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1. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

Best overall: Comfortable and highly affordable spiked shoe

adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe best for walking
  • Hours of Research:  30+
  • Score Highest Rating: 98/100
  • Researched Sources: 27 
  • Reviews Considered: 275

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Why is it the best golf shoes for walking?

  • This shoe is very comfortable to walk in, even over long distances
  • It is an athletic shoe based on performance and Comfortable feeling.
  • It’s extremely lightweight for comfortable walking on the golf course.
  • Also, have exceptional traction due to the six-fang spikes on the bottom of the sole.
  • Shoes upper layer Breathable which keeps you dry and comfortable
  • 100% Waterproof shoes.
  • Used cushioned insole for extra comfort.

Our Top 5 Best Golf Shoes for Walking

Rank Name Rating Buy Now
01 Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe 98% Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes Review
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02 Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe 96% Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe
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03 ECCO Men’s Golf Shoe Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax 95% ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe
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04 Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe 93% Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe
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05 FootJoy Pro SL 90% FootJoy Pro SL
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We also have women’s golf shoe reviews. you can read the reviews of “top 7 women’s golf shoe best for walking

Buying Guide: The Best Golf Shoe for Walking

If you want to select the golf shoe for walking you must have to check five (5) key issue which must be available in your best golf shoe. Otherwise, you may take a wrong decision. In the following infographic, you can see the critical five-issue of the best men’s golf shoes for walking.

Buying Guide - Best Golf Shoes For Walking
Buying Guide – Best Golf Shoes For Walking

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Comfort is the key to choosing the shoe. And with the shoe how you will feel on your feet during a round is extremely important. Having stable feet boost-up confidence in your swing and also improves contact with the golf ball at a positive impact.

After wearing the golf shoe you feeling comfortable, whether it spiked or spikeless, that giving you the best chance to post your lowest score ever. Normally, comfort in the golf shoe comes from three areas.

First, how the shoe feels during movement on the golf course. Golfers who prefer to walk the golf course are becoming more popular. As a result, the golf shoe brand is tailoring their shoes to deliver an improved cushion on the feet.

Next, how the bottom of the shoe feels during the walk is vital in delivering a solid walking experience.

And finally, the material used to make the shoe which helping the golfers to keep the feet dry throughout the round.


The outer layer of the shoe that rests against the upper of the foot is really essential for delivering breathability. 

Why this is important for the shoe to permit smooth airflow to the foot? 

Well, it supports to keep the foot dry. So that the shoe can’t become a humid box that generates sweat on the skin. 

By having dry feet, the golfer gets added comfort during the walking and also get comfort when golfers come to strike the golf ball.

Usually, Golf shoes have prepared incredible strides in utilizing materials that help to keep your feet well ventilated on and off the golf course. 

Find out a golf shoe that breathes well.  To confirm this you are making sure that your feet always stay fresh throughout the round. This is specifically true during the summer season when most golf is played. Because at this time have sweat away from the foot and need to improve stability through the swing.


The golfers who love to play golf year-round, they normally finding shoes that are waterproof. Waterproof shoes not only helpful on those rainy days but also helpful in the morning when the grass holds dew. 

Having your feet get wet on the 1st hole can ruin around because nobody enjoys the feeling of wet socks wrapped around the feet. In this situation, your confidence goes down the drain as you suffer through the remainder of the round.

With a waterproof shoe, you can guarantee that your feet will stay cool and dry throughout the round.

For best performance, you would not worry about things like dry feet and instead concentrate on the shot that lies ahead.

So, finding golf shoes that are waterproof is essential which positively boosts up the mental side of your game.


The shoe feels on the inside after wearing is everything to a golfer. If the shoe feels stiff or there is not sufficient cushion on the inside, then the golfer will feel unstable about the foundation of their swing. Golf brands and manufacturers have to find out the way to improve the insoles of their shoes at any cost.

By delivering a comfortable experience to the bottom of your feet, the insole of the shoe supports to enhance confidence as well as stability. Over the time period, a great insole will mold itself to the bottom of the golfer’s foot providing extraordinary feel throughout the swing.

Finding an insole can really difficult because all feet are not similar, so golfers of all the shapes and sizes can have different responses to the quality of the interior of the golf shoe.

The best criteria for finding insole is based upon comfort and feel while using the shoe.


Another most significant area of the shoe that directly related to how a golfer will feel about the golf shoe is due to the outsole. 

Most outsoles are prepared from rigid compounds that help to stabilize the shoe as well as deliver a home to the spikes or studs connected to the bottom.

Shoe outsoles can be softer also, especially when you are talking with a spikeless shoe.

A golfer’s feedback about a golf shoe is primarily based on how they feel the outsole is responding according to their feet and walking style. 

People can have different experiences about shoe outsoles liking issue, but the main criteria will be the quality of construction as well as the comfort provided during walking.

Outsoles are the backbone of the shoe and, as a result, that is vital to the overall performance of the shoe.

Let’s watch the video of Golf Shoe Buying Guide

Watch Video: How to buy the Best Golf Shoe

Always try to remember and follow those five (5) key criteria when you choose your golf shoe for walking. These golf shoe buying criteria will simplify your buying decision and ensure to choose the best golf shoe.

Our guide and reviews are 100% valid and reliable. Based on this review you can easily make your purchase decision.
Let’s go and find your golf shoe which is best for smooth walking!!!

Review of the Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Our complete and detailed reviews of 10 Best Golf Shoes for walking will simply narrow down your choice to make your selection process easier, faster and more hassle-free.

1. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

Our Test Winner: Comfortable and highly affordable spiked shoe

adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe best for walking
Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score98%


Normally, golfer like a spiked sole but wants the comfort of a spikeless shoe when walking the course. To solve this comfort problem Adidas make new innovation in the market. That actually a great alternative for the golfers. The Alternative is the Adidas Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe.

This is extremely lightweight, the Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe responded well to the rigors of walking 18 holes with little friction to our feet. 

It also enhanced mesh upper layer, the shoe keeps your feet dry even though it is missing waterproof protection. 

Normally, the spiked sole provides unbelievable traction throughout your swing. We were blown away at the mixture of lightweight feel and then the exceptional stability from the outer sole. So, this is really an exceptional pick for golfers. Because it gives comfort as like as the spikeless shoe. Although it’s a spiked shoe. This Adidas shoe one of the best spike golf shoes for walking in the course.

Adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe for walking
  • Brand Name: Adidas
  • Size: 8-9
  • Color & Design:  4
    • White/Royal
    • Black/White
    • Iron/White/Black
    • White/Dark Silver Metallic

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  • Shoes Upper layer is extremely breathable, perfect for warm climates
  • It also has Exceptional traction due to the six-fang spikes on the lowest of sole
  • Also, have Adidas’ EVA insole which provides stability to misstep.
  • This golf shoe is very comfortable to short walk as well as for even over long distances walking.
  • For this shoe used Thintech cleat technology.
  • It also used 100% Microfiber leather/textile


  • It does not have full waterproofing coverage.
  • This is a spike golf shoe that has sole is little rougher than spikeless models

If you want to know more detail about our men’s Golf shoe test winner (Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe Review), You just click here.

2.Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

Super Comfortable Golf Shoes for walking

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe
Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score96%


The Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 is an awesome golf shoe that is super comfortable with an also waterproof exterior made from supreme leather that will keep your feet dry and cozy.

This shoe favorite for the professional golfer Matt Kuchar because here used high-quality materials for the comfortability and Breathability. Skechers’ create this “Go Golf series” as a premium tier of the golf shoe. As a result, any of Go Golf shoe, you can expect footwear crafted from high-quality materials with an extra softness that gives comfort to the foot and doesn’t cause the blister-creating friction that ruins around.

In the Elite 3, Skechers prepare with the high-end sole. Even though the lowest part of the shoe is crafted from synthetic material, which is supple and works well with your feet as you walk the golf course.

Overall, the Elite 3 is another best golf shoes for walking and running in the golf course that gives ultimate satisfaction. So, this is the finest shoe for all men golfers of all levels, including low-handicappers.

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe best for walking
  • Brand Name: Sheckers
  • Size: 7-16
  • Color & Design:  7
    • Black/White
    • White/Navy
    • Gray/Lime
    • Chocolate
    • White/Gray
    • Stone
    • Black

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  • This shoe is waterproof with high-quality supreme leather exterior
  • Also, have Durable outsole with multiple small spikes for awesome gripping
  • This shoe is very lightweight on the feet for comfortable walking
  • Patented Resamax cushioned insole for ensuring comfortableness.
  • Used Synthetic sole
  • Used Leather deco-stitched upper for easy breathability
  • Durable grip TPU bottom plate.


  • It is not as flexible as some of the other synthetic exterior models
  • If you are viewing for a spiked shoe, the spike system of the Elite 3 model is missing.

If you want to know more detail about our men’s Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe, You just click here.

3. ECCO Men Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

Premium materials equal an unbelievable shoe

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe best for walking
ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score95%


The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoe is made from the finest quality leather. This leather gives a high level of comfort when a golfer wears and walk with. And also teases the excellent features awaiting the golfer.

The outside of the shoe is soft, breathable also and treated with Hydromax and an anti-stain formula that keeps the water out of the interior that means inside almost waterproof.

ECCO has spent hundreds of hours to find out the best golf shoe which is suitable for the golfers. Finally, they find a way to give comfort to the foot of the golfer and their hard work has resulted in the Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax, one of the best spikeless golf shoes for walking.

ECCO Men Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe best for walking
  • Brand Name: ECCO
  • Size: 5.5-14.5
  • Color & Design: 5
    • Dark Shadow Yak Leather
    • Mahogany/Oyster
    • White/Black
    • Black/Brick
    • Concrete/Royal

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  • This golf shoe is redesigned insole to keep your feet firmly in the shoe on hard swings.
  • Used high-quality leather and Synthetic sole outside wears well.
  • The insole is easily removable and changeable also.
  • This shoe normally soft, breathable and solid yak leather upper side are treated with HYDROMAX and an anti-stain formula for excellent protection from the elements and have weather resistance power.
  • The shoe also has anatomical last shape which developed by scanning the feet of 2,500 athletes to deliver ideal levels of care.
  • Also used technology of Tour-Proven Traction – Constructed from TPU – a highly durable, wear-resistant material – the molded traction bars offer hundreds of traction angles for excellent grip.
  • In this shoe Technical Insole System (TIS) has been used. TIS gives a new ultra-premium insole with silicon printing which helps to prevent unwanted foot movement during the swing.
  • This shoe is a very breathable exterior that keeps feet dry and fresh​​​.
  • One of the most comfortable golf shoes which ensure smooth walking.


  • Its classic look and feel, may not mesh well with golfers who want a modern shoe
  • This shoe is Expensive but worth cost for performance

If you want to know more detail about the Our 3rd Test Winner (Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoes). You just click here.

4. Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe

Exceptional comfort and traction

Nike Men’s Explorer 2 best Golf Shoe for walking
Nike Men’s Explorer 2 best Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score93%


The perfect golf shoe must be comfortable to wear for a longer period of time while giving you an extensive service with the minimum of maintenance. Nike is a pure example of durability and comfort for its superior quality leather and synthetic golf shoe. It has a solid rubber sole which ensures the right grip for comfortable wear throughout the day. Moreover, rubber soles are well-known to last a long time.

With this shoe, you can love playing golf in different circumstances. The solid rubber soles cater to taking the perfect grip while playing. The upper of this golf shoe is water revolting to ensure you stay dry throughout the golf session.

The shoe has full-length Phylon which delivers its lightweight design for comfort. With this shoe, you can easily stay for many hours. Also, the design supports the stable feel of the shoe. Another thing, this Nike shoe has a pull tab on the tongue which helps you to put it on and off swiftly. For this reason, smart golfer prefers these shoes. It also the best Nike golf shoes which is enhance walking in the course.

Nike Men’s Explorer 2 best Golf Shoe for walking
  • Brand Name: Nike
  • Size range: 7.5 -14
  • Color & Design:  9
  • Black/White
  • Black/Metallic Dark Grey
  • Black/White/Metallic Silver/Wolf Grey
  • Wolf Grey/Anthracite/Volt
  • Dark Gray/Pure Platinum/Laser Orange
  • Anthracite/White-max Orange
  • Dark Gray/Pure Platinum/Laser Orange
  • Blue Jay/White/University Red
  • Pure Platinum/Wolf Grey/Volt

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  • This golf shoe is a pure example of durability and comfort for their superior quality Leather and Synthetic.
  • In this shoe used solid rubber sole which ensures the right grip for comfortable
  • Shaft measures about low-top from arch
  • Shoe’s debased lines on the upper side deliver added structure and a stable feel.
  • Hostile rubber outsole provides green-friendly traction for different conditions
  • Water revolting the upper side which helps keep you dry all the time.
  • Full-length Phylon delivers weightless comfort feel and also stable feel.
  • The pull tab on the tongue offers extreme easy on and off.
  • They also used Opti-Vent mesh liner for heat management.


  • It may not have 100% waterproofing coverage.
  • This is a spiked shoe that has sole is slightly rougher than spikeless models.

5. FootJoy Pro SL

Best If You Have Sensitive Feet: Supreme comfort and traction

FootJoy Pro SL best golf shoes for walking
FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score90%


The FootJoy Pro SL is one of the top golf shoes for smooth walking because of the high-quality materials you expect from the company creating an affordable shoe that delivers awesome traction. 

This shoe made with 100% waterproof protection on the leather exterior. The Footjoy Pro SL is a golf shoe that delivers a custom feel because of the heightened technology. For that reason, this is the best waterproof golf shoes for walking.

FootJoy Men's Pro Sl-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes for walking
  • Brand Name: FootJoy
  • Size range: 7-13
  • Color & Design:  11
    • White/Silver
    • White/Tan
    • White/Black
    • Black
    • White/Navy/Orange
    • White/Blue
    • White/Taupe
    • Black/White
    • White/Grey/Light Blue
    • White/Red/Navy
    • White / Tan

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  • This shoe offers a custom fit with a host of special features.
  • The user gets tremendous cushioning for perfect comfort.
  • Its wide insole decreases friction with each step.
  • A newly added waterproofing system always keeps feet dry.
  • Used synthetic sole to provide extra comfort and breathability.
  • Extraordinary stability – an outside weighted outsole allows for exceptional stability and also added lightweight comfort to the user.
  • The laser plus last gives a full rounded toe character, regular fit across forefoot and instep, with a little narrow heel. Thicker insole delivers enhanced underfoot cushioning for higher comfort.
  • The Performance Leather – chromo skin leather, is a supple, lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof leather
  • FootJoy provides warranty for this golf shoe will be 100% Waterproof in normal use for two (2) years (U.S. Warranty).


  • This golf shoe may be a bit pricey for amateur golfers. But the performance of the shoe certifies the price.

6. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Drive 2

Best Value For Money: Extremely comfortable and cushioned

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe for walking
Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score89%


The Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 golf shoe is a spikeless golf shoe that provides provide a great experience when you walking and also in running.

Skechers has created many lines for golf shoes that have been designed to help you make the transition to walking comfortably in the golf course. For that reason, many of the senior golfers prefer Skechers golf shoes.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Drive 2 best Golf Shoe for walking
  • Brand Name: Skechers
  • Size range: 7-15
  • Color & Design:  4
    • Navy/White
    • Black/White
    • Charcoal/Blue
    • White/ Navy

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  • This shoe has excellent waterproofing feature that kept our feet dry in the rain.
  • It remains very comfortable when walking and running in the golf course
  • The spikeless sole is durable yet supple enough to keep feet fresh
  • The shoe insole has amazing cushioning which enhance the overall comfort
  • It also used a rubber sole for extra breathing and comfort.
  • Lightweight cushioning is used in this shoe. They also used highly recommended Goga mat energy return insole.
  • Shoes padded collar and tongue with soft fabric shoe lining. The heel height is 1 inch
  • Also, have soft fabric lining.


  • This shoe’s outer layer is not made from real leather.
  • A little concerned about durability over a long period of time.

7. Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

Best For Golfers with Slim Feet: Extraordinary design and performance

Puma Men's Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe for walking
Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score88%


A professional golfer Rickie Fowler said that the Puma Ignite Pwrsport golf shoe deserves a ton of credit for its smooth design and wonderful performance. 

The secret of the Ignite Pwrsport shoe is the unique design with an excellent combination that gives the golfer’s foot premium support as well as a ton of control during the swing. Also, it gives a stylish and sporty look that attracts the golfers.

An athletically designed shoe, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport provides extremely high performance in a spikeless shoe package with an excellent waterproof mesh exterior and one of the smooth and softest insoles we’ve ever walked around with while taking in 18 holes. For that reason, this is the best golf shoes for running and walking in the course.

Puma Men's Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe for walking
  • Brand Name: Puma
  • Size range: 7-14
  • Color & Design:  5
    • Balck/Silver
    • Peacoat/Silver
    • Peacoat/Camo
    • Quiet Shade/Team Gold/Black
    • Quarry/Team Gold/White

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  • This is an athletically tailored golf shoe offers maximum performance
  • In this shoe used lace tying system gives the golfer’s foot get great support.
  • This Golf shoe used spikeless outsole still has extreme traction
  • Its waterproof exterior does great at keeping the water away from your foot​​​
  • Puma used Textile and Synthetic
  • It has a synthetic sole


  • It has waterproof guarantee just for 1 year
  • Normally, a slimmer golf shoe that golfers may want as a wide alternative.​

8. Adidas Men’s 360 Traxion

Best waterproof and comfortable golf shoes

adidas Men's 360 Traxion golf shoes for walking

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score87%


This Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe has been offered as extreme comfort to the golfers due to super lightweight features as well as a waterproof golf shoe. That’s why it is one of the best golf shoes for walking with extreme comfort.

We’re really happy to report that Adidas has been popular on both fronts as the company’s 360 Traxion delivers the most satisfying walking experiences for a longer period of time. For that reason, this is the best golf shoes for walking 18 holes with supreme comfort.

adidas Men's 360 Traxion golf shoes for walking
  • Brand Name: Adidas
  • Size: 7-14
  • Color & Design:  5
    • Footwear White/Footwear White/Core Black
    • Light Onix/Core Black/Scarlet
    • Grey Four/Core Black/Hi-res Green
    • Ftwr White/Dark Silver Shock Blue
    • White/Silver Metallic

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  • This shoe gives a comfortable feel and pure performance of an athletic shoe
  • Also, the breathable upper layer keeps you dry and comfortable
  • The round toe helps makes this a very stable shoe.​​​
  • It used fully Lightweight Microfiber Leather
  • This synthetic sole is easily removable.
  • The new competition last features a slightly smoothed toe shape and wider forefoot for increased overall volume, better comfort, and remarkable stability.
  • Its full-length bounce foam midsole delivers excellent cushioning, comfort, and energy return.
  • Adidas used climastorm upper construction engineered with microfiber and textile for better-quality performance in a lightweight, comfort, larger breathability, and supreme durability
  • This spikeless pure motion outsole with tactically placed adiwear traction provides pure stability, solid grip, and super durability
  • The Cloud foam EVA sock liner offers greater support and cushioning
  • At present, this Adidas shoe is the best waterproof golf shoes on the market.


  • This shoes synthetic upper layer may turn off golfers looking for leather exterior
  • Normally golfers may want a spiked sole for a solid grip.

9. Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

Best For Golfers In Warm Climates: Entry-level shoe delivers high performance

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf walking Shoe
Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score86%


Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe is a spikeless entry-level shoe that provides a surprisingly pleasant experience when walking and running. 

An upper layer that is vented with the new technology mesh Opti-Vent which gives an experience that had our feet cool and dry on a particularly warm day at the golf course. 

This shoes Dura-Rubber outsole was also a revelation as it maintained a great comfort level that was as strong on the 20th hole as it was when we first teed off to start our round. A high-grade sock-liner rounded out at a very affordable price.

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe for walking
  • Brand Name: Callaway
  • Size range: 8 -16
  • Color & Design:  2
    • Black/Gray
    • White/Black

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  • Shoe upper layer is well vented to keep feet dry and remain fresh.
  • This spikeless sole offers special cushioning over a long walk.
  • Its outsole is super durable. It didn’t restrict normal walking motion.
  • This shoe is ideal for golfers who live in warm weather climates.
  • Used rubber sole for extra comfort and smooth walking.
  • Its dura-rubber spikeless outsole with multi-directional traction easily control lugs.
  • Also used Opti-Vent mesh liner for heat management


  • The entry-level shoe does not have bells and whistles.
  • This shoe’s upper layer is not waterproof enough.

10.Skechers Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe

Premium materials equals an incredible shoe

Skechers Golf Men's Go Golf Fairway Golf walking Shoe
Skechers Golf Men’s Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe

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Golf Shoe Reviews Criteria Marks (%)
Overall Score85%


Skechers always remain to make comfortable and durable shoes for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Their New entry-level shoe is Go Golf Fairway is super lightweight and extremely easy on the feet when walking.

If you are a beginning golfer or have a young golfer whose foot is growing rapidly this is perfect for you. So, this Go Golf Fairway Shoe is affordable, as well as durable and performs perfectly for this skill level.

Skechers Golf Men's Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe
  • Brand Name: Skechers
  • Size range: 7.5 -13
  • Color & Design:  9
    • Black/White
    • Charcoal/Blue
    • Gray/ Navy mesh
    • Gray/Orange
    • White/Blue/Red
    • Black/White Mesh
    • Black/White Mesh
    • Black Mesh
    • Gray/Navy

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  • Go Golf Fairway Shoe is very lightweight with a flexible mesh exterior for full comfort.
  • Its also durable outsole utilizes for Skechers patented spike system.
  • As an entry-level shoe that will give golfer feeling in the ground without slipping
  • Skechers used patented insole which holds the foot with comfort, minimizing blisters
  • In this shoe used Synthetic sole and also used Textile in the upper part
  • The extremely popular Goga matrix is used as insole and outsole.
  • This shoe has a water-resistant power.


  • This shoe has a lack of leather outside makes quicker deterioration a possibility
  • It also a cheaper shoe that is great for first-timers or beginners, but not for seniors golfers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need shoes specifically for playing golf?

The main reason for wearing golf shoes is because of the spikes on the lowest part of the shoe anchor the lower body during the golf swing. 

When your feet become unstable during the swing, you may be unable to find your power as it is transferred to the golf ball. Therefore, golf shoes deliver a vital service by keeping the lower part of the body stable during the twisting and turning of the swing.

Many amateurs and newcomers don’t understand the difference between buying a specifically designed golf shoe rather wearing regular athletic shoes, but they are totally missing out on the improvements that a crafted golf shoe can make on a person’s golf game. 

By fixing your lower body to the ground, you permit the body to work in sync to provide a powerful downswing that increases contact with the golf ball at impact.

Beginning golf players will help to share their learning curve vastly by finding a quality pair of golf shoes when they start their training because it would take out the doubt of shifting feet during the swing.

What are the different types of golf shoes available in the market and what are their features?

There are numerous types of golf shoes on the market that offers traction, style, and quality to the weekend warrior.

The first is the spiked golf shoe that is like my younger amateurs as well as professional golfers.

In the spiked shoe has a rigid outsole made of compound materials that provide strength as well as excellent grip. 

The shortcoming to spiked shoes is that they are tougher to break in and it can be hard on your feet over the golf course of around.

Next, the spikeless golf shoe normally made for comfort. Instead of spikes, the golf shoe has softer studs or dimples that take the place of wide, hard plastic spikes. 

The outsole of golf shoes is softer on spikeless golf shoes making spikeless shoes the preferred golf shoe for walking golfers due to their short break-in period and overall extensive comfort.

This shoe is made with tough leather and rubber soles, the metal spikes have worn in popularity due to their toughness as well as the damage they do on golf courses.

Should I pick spiked shoes or spikeless shoes?

Golfers can be very selective about their style of golf shoes. With the recent flow in popularity of the spikeless golf shoe, the debate was going on what shoe is better.

Is it spikeless or spiked?

For maximum golfers, the difference is about the feel of the golf shoe as it comes into related to the turf.

Interesting thing is, the golfers who swear by spiked golf shoes claim that their grip is superior throughout the golf swing with spikes whereas golfers who tout spikeless golf shoes claim that do not lose grip but their preferred shoe is more comfortable.

In comparison, spiked golf shoes have real spikes on the outsole of the shoe other hands, spikeless golf shoes replace the spikes with rubberized studs that help carry solid grip the ground during the swing.

Spiked shoes tend to have a more unbending outsole whereas the spikeless sole is softer. Most of the older golfers love spikeless golf shoes due to their comfort, but younger, very competitive golfers prefer the feel provided by spikes.

In the end, your favorite golf shoe will be based on your liking of features. The days where one type of shoe be in power over the other is now gone. 

Both styles of shoes offer great benefits and high performance also. Whether it be spiked or spikeless.

How many miles can I need to walk on the golf course without feeling score with golf shoes?

The average golf course runs 6500 yards in length, which means the golfer can expect to walk roughly 4 miles over an 18-hole round. 

When you take about the walking to the clubhouse, between greens and tee boxes, as well as any practice ground of the golfer may do before the round, you are looking at a day that will up to 6 miles of total walking.

With that amount of walking it is might be easy to assume but your feet will pay the ultimate price in new golf shoes. 

If you are playing in spiked golf shoes with a hard outsole, it is essential to slowly break-in these shoe overtime goes rather than hitting the golf course and hoping the shoes won’t harm your feet. 

Blisters caused by ill-fitting golf shoes can be hanging around for days and, if not treated appropriately with topical creams and solutions, can become infected causing even greater time away from the golf course.

Can golf shoes help me gain stability with my swing?

Yes, golf shoes can assist you to increase stability with your swing.

There are three (3) major areas that the golf shoe supports during a golf swing. These are balance, stability, and flexibility.

Golf shoes support balance because shoes designed to keep your feet strongly connected to the ground throughout the swing. 

If you see at a golf shoe, you will notice that they are wider feet along the base of the shoe. This is planned because it supports to keep the lower half of the body steady during the swing to generate maximum swing speed. This is also assistance to find the best golf shoes for wide feet.

Stability is also dependent on golf shoe design. Whether you choose spiked or spikeless shoes, either option will make a linking with the field that allows for traction and optimal gripping throughout the downswing.

Finally, golf shoes really help with flexibility during the tough shots where your feet will find on uneven ground. For this reason, flexible golf shoe is required to ensure your body comfort.

Having flexible golf shoes permits you to stable your body by having spikes or solid grip into the playing field.

Let’s watch the video ” How to choose the best golf shoes for Walking”….

How To Choose Your Best Golf Shoe

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