Callaway 2019 ORG 14 Cart Bag Review

Callaway 2019 ORG 14 Golf Cart Bag Review

Are you looking Callaway 2019 Org 14 golf cart bag reviews?

If you watched up the Callaway in the dictionary it states…

Maximum quality of design and performance golf equipment”

Callaway creates good golf stuff most of the golfer like Callaway as a golf brand. If you are eyeing for a new golf bag for you, look no further…

The best golf bag is just around the corner or further down the page.

We’re extremely happy to tell you about the Callaway 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag in our review. We will give you a clear view of this bag…

The Callaway 2019 ORG 14 cart golf bag’s amazing design helps to hold a complete set of golf clubs with a space for every individual golf club. Full-length dividers save your clubs by minimizing contact and eliminating binding at the bottom of the golf bag. This Callaway ORG 14 golf bag easily fits all kinds of golf carts and includes 10 pockets to hold all you need for a day on the course.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Callaway 2019 Golf Cart Bag:

  1. It is extremely lightweight making it very easy to carry on the course. 
  2. Stands up full straight, even when completely loaded with golf clubs.
  3. It fits awesome on most of the golf push carts or golf pull carts.

The Important Bits of this Callaway 2019 Cart bag:

  • Durable
  • Give actual value for Money
  • Simple Design

Specifications of the Callaway 2019 Org 14 Cart Golf Bag

  • Type: Golf Cart Bags
  • Carry System: Single Strap
  • Gender: For Men’s
  • Weight (lb): 5.6 lb
  • Full-Length Dividers: 14
  • Number of Top Dividers: 14
  • Top Rated: 4.8 (5)

Smart Features of the Callaway 2019 Org 14 Cart Golf Bag

Large Storage Space

This Callaway 2019 Org 14 review looking at its storage space. 

First off, we have to make it clear – this golf cart bag comes with substantial sections.

It’s obvious that whenever you want to buy a handy golf cart bag, you generally look for the one which has sufficient space and the different types of useful storage pockets.

This cart bag just supports you to keep things organized out on the golf course. The Callaway 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag wonderfully delivers these much-valued features.

In fact, this golf bag comes with a 14-way divider system for your golf clubs and19 fantastically useful pockets as a BONUS.

Besides, talking about the pockets of the bag, the golf bag also includes a water-resistant and velour-lined valuables pocket and two insulated cooler pockets and perfect protection for your valuable things during a rain shower.

The golf bag also features two integrated formed grip handles that make handling of the bag (onto and off a cart) pretty easy and comfortable.

Moreover, bags e-trolley system and trolley Lip tend to adjust with push carts which really supports to secure the golf bag. No accidents with your golf bag falling off the cart with this bag peeps.

The bottom line of it, and most vital of this Callaway Org 14 bag is to keep your beverages cool and safe throughout 18 holes…

Weight & Size

The 2nd most important feature is the weight of the bag.

No one want’s to be stuck out on a golf course with a golf bag that feels like it weighs a ton. A feather-light golf bag is so significant for your golfing performance as well.

Every Golfer wants a feather-light Golf bag. This bag is just like that Feather light. This bag weighs around 5 lbs. that really awesome.

The size of the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag at 30.5 x 88.9 x 25.4 cm. which is a perfect size for a golf cart bag?

The quality built into this golf bag either. It’s made from premium quality materials.

Although most players don’t carry a golf cart bag that usually the manufacturer has still thought of our suitability as golfers and manufactured this gear for us.

Umbrella Slot

Another great thing is that the bag comes with a neat umbrella slot at the outer part of the bag (don’t forget to check out our Best Golf Umbrellas article).

This slot is to help you keep the golf bag fixed, and these sections indeed can make your life easier.

So you don’t need to jam everything you take out on to the golf course into one tiny pocket. Adding an umbrella slot is a main stroke, and we love it.

Key Features:

  • This Cart Bag has top dividers: 14-way
  • Also has 2 Full-Length Dividers: 14
  • 14 individual full-length club dividers and Top 10.5″ gives a fixed space for every golf club, eliminating contact and binding.
  • Non-stadium style top permits wedges to sit flush and eliminates club hang
  • The putter perfectly designed to easily fit oversized grips
  • Used molded top grab handles to ensure easy lifting
  • Cart strap pass-through for secure ride without limiting pocket access
  • E-Trolley base system designed to fit push/pull carts and riding carts
  • Total 19 pockets including a water-resistant, velour-line valuables pocket with key fob
  • All the valuables pocket are waterproof
  • This cart bag integrated umbrella sleeve
  • Front-facing molded magnetic rangefinder pocket
  • Two insulated cooler pockets with drain ports
  • Carabiner style towel hook with glove attachment, pen holder, and cell phone sleeve
  • Bag also Includes matching rainhood
  • Made of durable with lightweight fabric
  • Manufacturer Warranty 2-Year
  • Weight is 5.6 lbs.


  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is easy to carry and handle.
  • E-trolley base System and trolley Lip easily with golf push carts so that it can secure your bag quite easily.
  • It tends to stand straight even when entirely loaded with golf clubs and accessories.
  • The umbrella slot is well-ordered.
  • It fits great on golf push carts and golf pull carts.
  • Well-built with smart design and good looks.


  • In the Cooler pockets do not have drain holes.
  • The bag zippers might be disappointing.

Let’s watch a Video Review of Callaway 2019 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

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Final Words

Callaway 2019 Org 14 golf cart bag reviews is a perfect bag of this season, the Callaway manufacturer includes all the new innovations in this bag. The beauty of the bag is all the features you could want in a golf bag that available in this bag.

And let’s not forget no matter how much stuff you want to put in the golf bag, they’ll always be enough room in the bag.

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