Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder Review – 2021

Review of Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

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Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder
Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

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Overview of Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

The new Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized offers a major advantage for golfers who 100% rely on accurate distance measurements before taking a shot which gives them Unshakable confidence. The technology that stabilizes the slight hand movements that occur while ranging, Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized enables you to direct the laser onto any target quicker and more confidently, especially beneficial for small objects such as flagsticks.

Knowing The Slope-Adjusted Distance Helps You Choose The Right Club

Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology mode fully eliminates 2nd-guessing on how far a shot will play for uphill or downhill. When Incline/Decline (ID) Technology mode is selected, Coolshot Pro Stabilized displays the slope-adjusted distance (Horizontal distance ± Height). Which becomes your guide for how far you want to play the ball.

Actual Distance Indicator – Competitive Confirmation

Coolshot Pro Stabilized features an Actual Distance Indicator (ADI) that clearly signals to observers that the incline and decline measurement function (ID Technology) is not in use. Green LED light blinks as long as the power is on. As the Slope (ID) feature is turned off, the Competitive Confirmation indicator is continuously turned off and confirms compliance with USGA Local Rule 14-3 for tournament play.

Locked On Technology Confirms Measurement to Flagstick

You are on an approach shot to a green with trees in the background. Are you sure the measured distance is to the flagstick and not to the trees behind it? Nikon’s Locked On Technology green circle visually tells you that the distance is to the closest subject, the flagstick.

Faster Measurements = Faster Play

Nikon’s next-gen Hyper Read consistently displays your measurement results in approx. 0.3 seconds – regardless of distance.

Bright, 6x Monocular with High-Visibility OLED Display and Wide Field of View

Integral monocular features Nikon’s multicoated optics for bright, clear viewing and a rear diopter ring for fast focus to each user’s eyesight. Red OLED display provides automatic brightness adjustment for ideal visibility in varying light conditions.

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8 Second Continuous Measurement Makes Ranging Even Easier

Press and hold the power button and the rangefinder will continuously measure range for eight seconds. This is great when trying to find measurements of multiple or very small or thin objects, allowing you to know the distances to all hazards, pins, mounds, and trees within seconds. With this feature, you have the ability to know everything you need to know as you approach the green, and target the cup.


  • Battery Type: CR2 Battery
  • Gender: Men’s, Women’s
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Case: Yes
  • Magnification: 6X
  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Top Rated: 5
  • Range: 8-1,200 yd
  • Waterproof/Water-Resistant: Waterproof
  • Size: 3.8in x 2.9in x 1.7in
  • Type: Rangefinders
  • Battery Life: Approx 2,400 Actuations
  • Promo: $50 Instant Savings

Key Features

  • The optical stabilization system is designed to reduce vibrations while aligning the image with the laser for faster, more precise measurements.
  • Next-gen Hyper Read displays your measurement in approximately 0.3 seconds, regardless of distance
  • Incline/Decline Technology eliminates guessing on uphill and downhill shots, displaying slop-adjusted distances for
  • Slope technology can turn off for competition.
  • Features an Actual Distance Indicator LED light that clearly signals when slop is turned off.
  • Locked On Technology displays a green circle around the cross-hairs to confirm locked on the flag.
  • Eight-second continuous measurement lets you scan what’s in front of you to get distances to hazards, pins, trees, and other obstacles
  • Measurement range from 8-1200 yards
  • 6x magnification for a clear view
  • The display can set to either meters or yards
  • Powered by a single CR2 lithium battery
  • Compact size: 3.8″ L x 1.7″ W x 2.9″ H
  • Weighs just 6 oz (w/o battery installed)
  • Unit is waterproof and fog-proof to withstand the harshest conditions on the golf course
  • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • The “Stabilize” technology at work here is optimized to maintain the integrity both of your sightline, and the laser beam itself that shoots out and takes the reading.
  • The “Locked On,” feature in the Nikon helps correct this issue by bracketing the target subject with a green circle. So you don’t need to doubt you’re locked onto the pin.
  • The nikon coolshot laser rangefinder is packaged in waterproof, fog proof casing. That will keep the sensitive technology at work in this device safe from inclement weather.
  • The slope reading technology is going to be great for users that play on hilly courses

Video review of Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

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Final Thoughts

The Nikon is in many ways comparable to the technology found in the Bushnell X2. But manages to nose its way ahead of the tech pack through a few key pieces of technology. The “Locked On”/”Stabilize” features in particular are a very simple but highly effective touch that most users will benefit immensely from.

You get the stabilization and improved target acquisition time that comes with it. It’s a tough call but I have the Coolshot in my bag right now.

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