Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag 2019 Review

Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Bag Review

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sun mountain c-130 golf cart bag 2019 was created to figure optimally on a cart. All of the options are designed with cart use in mind, beginning with the reverse orientation high with 3 utility handles, the sensible Strap System and a convenient, velour-lined measuring system pocket. Additionally, all pockets are forward-facing and accessible once the bag is on a cart.

  • Fourteen individual club dividers run the full length of the bag to protect clubs and prevent the migration of club shafts.
  • Among the ten pockets are two full-length apparel pockets; a ventilated, cooler pocket; and two velour-lined pockets, one of which is water-resistant.
  • The Smart Strap System attaches the bag to a riding cart with two Velcro® straps that stop the bag from twisting on the cart and prevent the riding cart’s straps from interfering with pocket usage.
  • Includes a matching rain hood.
sun mountain c-130 golf cart bag 2019
Reviews of Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag 2019

The sun mountain golf bags c-130 could be a stunning addition to the Sun Mountain lineup. It shows an implausible quantity of potential with options and styles. Though it falls wanting being excellent, there’s no denying however vital it’s to the Sun Mountain company. Sun Mountain takes it to the following level with its sun mountain golf bags c 130.

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It’s obtainable in eleven completely different colors, with the black/camo blaze being the foremost shaping color. The layout of the bag was handled nicely, and users are going to be able to access the foremost important elements of the bag whereas it’s in an exceeding cart. Size isn’t a problem, therefore, it’ll slot in nicely whether or not you’re truck age it around or carrying. Albeit you aren’t a Sun Mountain fan, this high priced cart bag may be a shocking inclusion into their ever-growing catalog. This sun mountain golf bag c 130 is the best golf cart bag in the market.

Who’s It For this Sun Mountain c-130 Golf Cart Bag 2019?

Golfers that desire a bag with plenty of areas and a stand out style. The 2019 C-130 will hold plenty of clubs, accessories, and extras. There are enough options here that even professionals can notice it a decent deal for the value. Preference for a distinct material would be the sole reason to contemplate a dearer bag over this model.

Pros of Sun Mountain c-130 Golf Cart Bag

  • Plenty of colors to settle on from
  • All pockets are forward-facing
  • The smart strap system keeps the bag steady once hooked up to a cart
  • Ten total pockets with lots of further areas

Cons of Sun Mountain c-130 Golf Cart Bag

  • Does not have “true” full-length dividers


sun mountain c-130 golf cart bag

Sun Mountain has been the selection of hobbyists and beginner golfers for years. They’re competitively priced, full-featured and amazingly well created. Lots of professionals and intermediate players use Sun Mountain as their daily baggage and haven’t any complaints. Attributable to this, Sun Mountain has become an organization that’s continuously within the spoken language once players hunt for a replacement stand bag or cart bag. The C-130 2019 may be a step within the right direction for the corporate as they improve its options whereas inching nearer to high tier quality.

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This bag is rugged enough for a cart bag, however, won’t win any awards for being as rugged because of the competition. It will take some social control here or there however shouldn’t be placed within the same class as high tier baggage that lasts for over 10 years. The strap system can keep intact, however, the primary factor to travel can in all probability be the colors. If you decide on one among a lot of difficult colors of the C-130, then color washes out may be a risk if it’s abused plenty. This is often, in fact, watching it years when purchase, therefore it isn’t an instantaneous concern for any potential emptor.


Current Sun Mountain fans might feel that the value hits them within the mouth a small amount. Sun Mountain has continuously been nice with costs, and even with this model, that story remains constant. The sun mountain 2019 golf bags C 130 is extremely abundant a premium bag. If you cross-check it that manner, then Sun Mountain is giving it at a wonderful worth. With the various options that were packed into the new model, customers ought to have not any bother with the rating structure of the sun mountain c130 cart bag 2019 model.


There are multiple layers to seem at with this bag. The primary half is that the 70D materials that form up most of the bag. It sturdy and gets the duty done, however not fantastic. The nice news is that you simply will notice constant material on some components of luggage in an exceedingly higher worth vary. It isn’t dangerous material, therefore the C-130 2019 has that going for it. Alternative materials price watching is that the foam employed in the soft band. This is often wherever the bag very becomes with the money because it is comfy to hold even once you have it stuffed to liquid ecstasy capability.


sun mountain c-130 golf cart bag review

A real winner with this golf equipment is that the eleven styles to settle on from. Colors obtainable are black/camo blaze, black/charcoal, black/navy, black/red, black/black, blue/black, charcoal/black, chili, lime white, navy nightfall, and navy/white/red. There’s one thing for everybody with those colors, and a number of are eye sound enough that they’re one among a form. The C-130 2019 may be a really expert wanting bag from prime to bottom. lots of updates are created that enhance however the model looked in 2018, therefore the recreate very is that the best wanting cart bag from Sun Mountain’s catalog.The full-length club dividers protect clubs and prevent the migration of club shafts.

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Best options

Since the sun mountain c130 cart bag sits between being a good bag and a good high-end bag, there square measure some notable options to signifies. These options prove that the high tag is even, nonetheless still makes this a less expensive selection than alternative branded high-end baggage. For a decent value, you’ll get one in all Sun Mountain’s best cart baggage of the last decade.

Fourteen Commodious Club Dividers
  • Fourteen commodious club dividers as well as an ardent putter compartment. Though the dividers were listed as a con for not being “true” full length, they still do a decent job of spacing out your clubs. The dividers keep the clubs from banging against each other, and there’s enough area to suit custom clubs without concern concerning injury.
Strap System
  • The good Strap system could be a lot of required and helpful addition to the C-130 2019 model. Velcro is employed to lock the bag to a riding cart in order that it stays in situ. The Velcro is amazingly sturdy and stays out of the approach of the pockets that square measure absolutely accessible whereas the bag is within the cart. There’s no downside with the Velcro losing its effectiveness through continual use. As long as you don’t let it get too dirty, the good Strap system can stay helpful for cart riding.
10 Pockets
  • All 10 pockets square measure commodious, front-facing and place within the excellent position on the bag. There square measure 2 full-length attire pockets to store your garments and a cooler pocket for a drink of your selection. Betting on what you pack, fitting associate degree extra-large cup in there isn’t a giant deal in any respect. Many of the pockets square measure waterproof and a minimum of 2 square measure textile lined.
Rain Hood
  • The enclosed matching rain hood is kind of nice, thick and sturdy. It looks like the tiniest feature to go with, except for some users, this is often the grace for a bag in atmospheric condition.

Some Key Options

A good key feature is maybe the 2 velour-lined pockets. Usually, with a bag of this size you simply get one, therefore doubling it up was a pleasant bit. You’ll add double the property or simply load it with extras of your selection. Also, the scale of the bag is simply concerning right at ten.5 inches tall. There are not any incompatibilities with carts, old or new. It feels right once carrying and isn’t too large even once each pocket is crammed.

sun mountain 2019 c-130 golf cart bag Review

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Features of Sun Mountain c130 Golf Cart Bag

  • Top Diameter: 10″
  • Top Dividers: 14-way
  • Full-Length Dividers: fourteen
  • Pockets: ten
  • 14-way full-length dividers to arrange and shield clubs
  • Three integrated prime handles build maneuvering bag easier
  • Integrated putter well keeps putter protected and pronto on the market
  • Reverse orientation prime makes it easier to access your golf clubs
  • A Cart strap pass-through runs behind the pockets so the bag can be secured to a cart without hindering pocket access.
  • New good Strap System uses two Velcro straps on the rear of the bag to connect to a cart, reducing twisting while not over-tightening and shutting off the putter well
  • Weight: Even though you aren’t going to carry the bag, you might use it with a push cart and want it easy to transport.
  • It’s very light (7 pounds) and a non-slip bottom which is great if you’re opting to use a push cart.
  • Single soft band for snug carry
  • All pockets face forward for easier access on the rear of a cart
  • Three velour-lined pockets with one being waterproof for valuables
  • Two full-length articles of clothing pockets to stay vesture and further attire handy
  • Fourteen individual club dividers run the full length of the bag to protect clubs and prevent the migration of club shafts
  • Cart strap pass-through assures full access to pockets when the bag is strapped to a cart.
  • The cooler pocket keeps drinks cool on the course
  • Zip-off ball pocket face for personalization
  • It also comes with a ventilated cooler pocket to keep your drinks cold and a designated rangefinder pocket.
  • Umbrella holder
  • Towel ring
  • Includes rain hood
  • 1-Year Manufacturer warranty
  • Dimension is 36″ H x 10″ W x 16″ D
  • Weight: seven.3 lbs.

Specification of Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag 2019

  • Top Rated: four.9
  • Top Diameter: 10″
  • Dimensions is 36″ H x 10″ W x 16″ D
  • Weight: seven.3 lbs.
  • Number of prime Dividers: fourteen
  • Full-Length Dividers: fourteen
  • Pockets: ten
  • Carry System: Double Strap
  • Gender: public convenience
  • Type: Cart luggage

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Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Reviews

Best Comparison

Although the 2018 model would supply a good comparison, tons of golfers are noting that the Ping Pioneer is associate degree equal selection. Each square measures fantastic baggage, with the strength of the Ping Pioneer being its individual club holder. It’s far better than the C-130 2019 and 2018, and it handles the organization higher if you have got tons of clubs. Golfers that tend to swap out clubs tons can like the Pioneer whereas golfers that wish more room can realize the sun mountain C-130 golf cart bags 2019 to be a far more sensible choice. Supercharged C-130 offers all the award-winning, golfer-friendly features that made the C-130 the top-selling cart bag 

Biggest professional

This is a small amount of a fortune since skilled users won’t trust it. However, the largest professional of the sun mountain c130 cart bag, 2019 model. is its style selections. Sun Mountain continuously excels during this class, however, they still took it to the consequent level with this model. Beginners and intermediates that square measure bored with watching uninspired bag styles can realize the C-130 to be a real stand out. Concerning the sole unhealthy issue, you’ll say concerning its style is that they didn’t embody a couple of additional colors. However, with eleven total, they’re already previous several alternative bag makers.

Biggest Con of Sun Mountain c130 cart bag

The biggest con is maybe the fabric they used. It isn’t unhealthy, however, the 70D cloth includes an excessive amount of the bag. If they’d gone with more durable material, then the sun mountain c-130 cart bag 2019 model. might have simply surpassed tons of high-priced high tier baggage. It extremely would are a game-changer for Sun Mountain, and that they would have forced bag manufacturers like Ping and Taylormade to rethink their high tier lines. Once again, the 70D cloth is employed in alternative high tier baggage, simply to not the extent that the sun mountain c130 cart bag 2019 model uses it.


Sun Mountain came extraordinarily on the point of dynamical the whole trade with the creation of the sun mountain c-130 cart bag 2019 model. It’s a labor of affection that has shown simply what quantity the series suggests that to the corporate. If they improve on the bottom materials for the sun mountain golf cart bags 2019 model, then the planet of cart baggage can modification forever.


Q: Are Sun Mountain Golf Bags good?

A: The best lightweight Sun Mountain golf bag has 4-way top dividers that offer good organization of clubs. The best-rated golf bag has carbon fiber legs that are highly durable and you can always keep it in an upright position for easy removal of the golf clubs.

Q: Are Sun Mountain golf bags waterproof?

A: This bag is waterproof when the rain hood is used as designed in conjunction with the bag. This bag is E-Z Lite dual straps are easy to get on and off, are made with high-density foam, sculpted to better fit your shoulders, and have grab loops for added carry comfort.

Q: Are Sun Mountain Golf Bags Made in USA?

A: Sun Mountain is one of the pioneers in the golf industry, revolutionizing golf bags, golf outerwear, and golf carts, and other golf equipment. They developing the refined and innovative products that have made Sun Mountain the top golf bag company in North America

Q: What’s Included With the Sun Mountain C130?

A: The cart bag comes 100% ready to go right out of the box. It comes with a matching rain hood and strap.

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