Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor Review – 2021

Review of voice caddie sc300 portable golf launch monitor

Are you looking for the Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor?

If yes, then just go through the detailed review which gives a clear idea about this Portable Golf Launch Monitor.

Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC300 is the newest addition of portable launch Golf
monitors. The SC300 is surely portable and delivers golfers with whole swing and ball flight metrics found in professional launch monitors, including launch angle and apex data.

Using the newest in Doppler radar technology, and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors, the SC300 offers uncompromised precision. SC300 connects directly to a personal cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth permitting golfers to track their real-time, integrated data.

Its voice output of distance and remote control provides the highest levels of user convenience.

Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor
Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor

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  • Brand: Voice
  • Model: SC300
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 6.5 x 4.5 x 1 (inch)
  • Weight: 436g
  • Display: 5.3 LCD
  • Battery lifetime: up to 12 hours
  • Dimension: 166mm X 120mm X 28mm
  • Package Contents: SC300/Remote/USB Cable/USB Cover/User Manual

Smart Features

Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor Review
Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor Review
  • Measures » Carry/Total Distance » Smash Factor » Launch Angle » Swing Speed » Apex (Max Height) » Ball Speed
  • Voice Output of Distance
  • Instant Feedback via LCD Display
  • Adjustable Loft Angles
  • Apps (iOS & Android) for Real-time/Integrated Shot Data and Statistics for Each Club
  • Unit does not require the App to operate
  • Spin Data now available via App
  • Including a charger and a remote
  • Accuracy is ±3% of ball speed


  • Used Doppler Radar Technology
  • Very Inexpensive based on features
  • Works even without a ball
  • Measuring Range between 15-370 Yds


  • It does not include any bells and measures the distance.

Video Review of Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor Review

Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Golf Launch Monitor Video Review

Comparison of Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor

What Does the SC300 Measure?

The capacity of the SC300 is impressive. For around $500 it will display the following metrics:

  • Swing Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Carry & Total Yardages
  • Launch Angle
  • Apex (Max Height)

When I first saw the SC300 at the PGA Show, I was impressed by its appearance. It’s a slick piece of hardware that looks more substantial than their prior releases

Is The SC300 Accurate?

Club SkyTrak Carry Yardage SC300 Carry Yardage % Difference SkyTrak Launch Angle SC300 Launch Angle % Difference
Pitch Shot (LW) 49 51 4 29.8 28 6.23
SW 109 112 2.71 27.7 23.6 15.98
PW 130.5 127.4 2.40 24.1 28.2 15.67
7-iron 171.3 174.5 1.85 17 20.3 17.69
3-hybrid 209 217 3.75 12.8 16.2 23.44
Driver 255 266 4.22 14.7 16 8.46

SC300 VS SC200

The common question on a lot of golfer’s minds will be whether or not they should spend the extra money for the SC300.

The SC200 is a superb value at just under $300. It gives reliable yardages similar to the SC300. Spending roughly $200 more will get you the app (which I liked), and the addition of launch angle and apex height. Are those features worth more than $200? I think it depends on the golfer and their budget. They are both very good at what they do for the price.


The SC300 is an excellent golf launch monitor from Swing Caddie. I think their products offer some of the best value in the market for you. We just provide you the actual researched review of this product. So that you can get your best portable golf launch monitor as per your need.

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